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Lucky 76 Tattoo will work with anyone's budget. Just let us know the design idea that you have in mind, and what your budget is. We will make it happen. We want every body to get the Tattoos that they want, and we will do what we can to make it happen.  

Please be aware that this is our life and livelihood. We will all do what we can to make your tattoo dreams possible, but you must have realistic expectations with the budget you give us to work in. Tattoos take time and our time is money! The quality that we put into our work is a direct reflection of our skills and the years that we have devoted to our craft. Please to not ask for a world class tattoo at kitchen prices. If you got it in a kitchen, don't come to us bitchen'. Last but not least, if you tip your wait staff, your bartender, your hair dresser, or your barber, you NEED to tip your tattoo artist.